Conversational English

This class is designed for people who are looking for an opportunity to use and improve their abilities to comprehend and speak English.

It is not a class in the traditional sense.  Rather, it is in the format of a discussion group.  Each week students will be given either: a short story, an article or a topic, which will then be brought up for discussion the following week.

As your “teacher”, I will mostly be in the background, monitoring the class to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak:

  • No one monopolizes the conversation.
  • The quieter ones get drawn into the conversation.

I will also assist with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation when requested.

Whilst I have a variety of materials for the class, students are encouraged to come with their own suggestions.


Regards Annette

Undirvísari: Anette Gaardlykke

Telefon: 598420

Dato: 17 Okt 2017 - 24 Mar 2018

Dagur/Klokkan: Týsdag ( 19:00 - 21:15 )

Stað: Skúlin við løkin

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